My Daily Mobility

10 minutes a day for a mobile, pain free body that will serve you for a lifetime!

  • Better Results In Less Time

    Time is our most precious commodity, it's the only thing we can't get back. By investing just 10 minutes each day, My Daily Mobility will help you move better, feel better, and resolve your aches & pains so you can spend more time doing what you love!

  • MDM Is For Everyone

    Developing healthy joints & tissues that can easily move through their full range of motion is for everyone! There isn't a single human on this planet that won't benefit greatly by doing the movements we have in each daily video. Regain and optimize your human movement capacity one day at a time!

  • No Greater ROI

    Invest the cost of two Starbucks drinks and receive a healthy capable body for the rest of your life. It's a no brainer! Avoid the expensive degenerative diseases that plague our culture such as arthritis with just 10 minutes of guided movement per day!

Mobility Vs. Flexibility

Why Static Stretching Isn't Enough

Simply put, flexibility is the ability to PASSIVELY acquire range of motion. Mobility is the ability to ACTIVELY move through a range of motion. If you can't control the movement (Mobility), you can't use that range of motion in life without the risk of injury. My Daily Mobility will not only help you move through a greater range of motion, it will help you control it!

Invest In Yourself!

You only get one body, make sure you treat it well. Save almost $50 when you sign up for our annual plan!

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Meet Your Coaches!

Co-Owner | CPT, LMT, FRCms

Kevin Louwers

My name is Kevin Louwers. My love for movement and mobility came out of necessity to fix my own body. Overuse issues stemming from hockey were quickly compounded by my daily meathead workouts that completed neglected mobility work. Knowing what I know now, this all could have been avoided with a short daily mobility routine. I have spent the last 5 years picking up the pieces and have obsessively worked to dissect the most potent mobility drills for improving range of motion and building resilient joints/tissues. In a massively sedentary world, movement is our best medicine!

Co-Owner | MS, CSCS, FRCms

John Lindsey

My name is John Lindsey. I've spent the last 4 years working towards improving my own movement capacity. It’s a passion of mine I work on and research daily. In grad school my body was broken; I couldn’t touch my toes, squat past parallel, and I’d have back pain after most workouts. My perspective on what a physical practice was had to change. I began putting an emphasis on daily mobility work and with consistency and intelligent protocols my body changed. In today's sedentary world everyone needs to take time to move daily! The better your body moves the more you will MOVE.