Why Invest In My Daily Mobility?

Having a daily movement practice is the simplest and most effective way to combat the ill effects of a sedentary lifestyle that most office workers find themselves in. Moving more often will have a far greater ROI than any other health intervention.

  • Improve employee health behaviors, reduce elevated health risks, reduce health care costs, improve productivity, decrease absenteeism, and boost office moral and employee happiness!

  • Our program is more cost effective than any other corporate wellness program out there because it can be scaled up or down so easily. Our platform is incredibly user friendly and takes minimal investment each day to create profound results!

Contact For Pricing

Please email: mydailymobility@gmail.com

Pricing varies based on the number of employees in a company. As a corporate client each of your employees will have access to their own account. Each day your employees will receive a new mobility video that can be done from anywhere is less than 10 minutes. Our videos are designed to help everyone. o matter your age or limitations. Providing your employees with this resource will help them move and feel their best, which in return will help your bottom line!